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Ashburton river


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Situated next to the Nanutarra  Roadhouse. You used to be able to camp here, but now since it became popular the entry has been closed and you have to go across the road and pay to camp on a private farm. I have not been in to the farm so I have no idea how much it cost. The river is always full. It is clean good water. Safe to swim.


View  towards the bridge and across the river. This was a very good stopping place or overnight camping . The water is clean, clear and warm.  Another view looking across the river.
These folks have been here a few days as you can see. Here we have some folks heading off on the road again after spending a few days here.
Here we have my water girl drying off after a swim. She loved the water and whenever we stopped she was in. This was her last trip before she died.

The family

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