Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

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Canning Trail


The Caning Stock Route

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The Caning Stock route trail is about a 2000km outback trail. Very popular. On the trail you will meet up with Dingoes,  Camels. Beware of snakes. 

The terrain is desert like in most places. Where water is close at hand you will find trees and green. All you need do if you are desperate is dig in the middle closest to the most green bit and the water will be exposed. the water is NOT close to the surface and you would have to dig at least up to 3 meters deep. There are water wells along the trail which are in good condition.

 The road varies from rocky and rough to soft sand. Choosing tire pressure is hard as the surface varies so much. It is recommended to travel this route with NORMAL STEEL WALLED TIRES. All those that have gone with Fats have had to change tires due to FLATS. 

 Fly a flag as high as possible to let any other traveler coming your way know you are there to avoid a head on. There are heaps of steep soft sand hills to cross. Some you can go round and some have run-ups to it. 

Not recommended to tow a trailer or 4WD Camper as you may not get through.

The Route extends from Wiluna to Halls Creek. Usually people start from Wiluna. It is about 1000km to the fuel dump and 1000km from there to Halls Creek. Arrangements must be made before your trip to arrange the drop which is in 200 liter drums. 

There are some communities along the way that may offer refreshments, food and occasionally petrol. Do not however rely on them for support as depending on their mood of the day they may tell you to go away or may decide to help. From what I hear they dislike the traveler coming through.

You will also find a bit of civilization like bush toilets and even a public phone box.

Usually people travel between wells and try to plan their overnight stop at one. It usually takes two weeks to travel this trail. Distances per day traveled  will vary and is affected by terrain.

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