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WA North

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This Section Covers The North of Western Australia

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Broome & Port Smith ] Canning Trail ] Cleaverville Beach ] The Gulf Run Story ]



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Broome & Port Smith

Buzz and Helen : Covers their trip in our deep north to Broome, Galvin Gorge, Port Smith, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Leopold River, Bells Gorge, Gibb River Road, Drysdale River, King Edward River, Mitchell Falls, Port Warrender, Steep Head, Kalumburu, Elquestro, Windham, Lake Argyle, Ivan Ho Crossing, Cathedral Gorge, Bungles, Frog Gorge, The Chism Gorge, Fitzroy River, Exmouth.

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Cleaverville Beach

Lee : Covers trips in the north with Sheba and Ben covering Geraldton, Tamala, Steep Point, Shark Bay,  Carnarvon, Bush Bay, New Beach, Rocky Pool, The blow holes, Quoba, Exmouth,  Karratha, Cleaverville Beach, Maree Pool, Port Hedland, Cape Keraudren, Regans Ford. The Rivers and coast are also covered on best places to camp and stay.

Canning Trail

Canning Stock Route:  Covers the Canning Trail. with Bill and company


VIDEO:  Video clips of  the North. Monkey Mia,

Gulf Run Story

Gulf Run Report: Gulf Run Story by Shane Gerrish.


Wildlife in WA North: The only ones you are likely to see are Agile Wallaby Found on the open forest and grasslands. Common Wallaroo: Lives alone in rocky hill country. Dingo: Found all over. Keeps away from white people. Adopted as friends by the Aboriginal people. Fresh Water Crocodile: Grows up to 3m. Supposed to be harmless unless injured or threatened, I don't trust them. Red Kangaroo: The most common found. Bats or called here Sugar Glider : A tiny creature and totally harmless. Lizards: Perenty being the most common, up to 2m long and being the largest in Australia. Snakes: Heaps and a variety, most being poisonous. 


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